Euro-Unit group is the legal successor of Euro-Unit d.o.o. company, which was established in 1990. Since 2007. it has grown into a group with sister companies based in this part of Europe as its members. The group's main activity is selling musical instruments and equipment, and in that segment it is a leading full range company in this part of Europe. The central pillars of Euro-Unit's business policy, such as quality, ISO certificates, fulfilment of warranty obligations, professional support and continuous education of employees are something upon which its founder and CEO, Mr Ivan Senčar, has insisted from the company's early days in 1990.

Mostly recognized as Yamaha, Euro-Unit its general distributor for Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Steinberg, Line 6, Beyerdynamic, Hohner, Fender, Squier, Ivan'S, Slavonka, Lion Style, K&M, Gator,  Viscount, FBT , Henri Selmer, Buffet Crampon, Schilke, pBone, Shires, Gebr Alexander, Hans Hoyer, Melton, B&S,  Fox, Bach, Conn,  Selmer, Leblanc,  Armstrong,  Avanti, King, Červeny, Amati, Besson, Courtois, Keilwerth, Sherzer, Schreiber, Holton, Hetman,  Vandoren, Rico, Glotin, BG, Rovner, Berp, Best Brass, Denis Wick, , Strunal, Dick, Larsen, Bow Brand, Wittner,   Ludwig , Musser,  Adams,   Majestic, Marimba One, Bergerault, Concorde, Tycoon, LP, Rythmes&sons, Mike Balter, Innovative, Malletech, Rohema, Paiste, Istanbul Mehmet, Vic Firth , Remo, Rotosound, La Bella, GHS, D“Addario, Pirastro, Savarez, Thomastik, Shubb, Raw Vintage, X Vive, Morley, Ebtech, Xotic, EWS, Rocket Pedals, Red Witch,, Mooer, Source Audio, Jim Dunlop and other top quality brands in our assortment complete our full range offer.

Collaborations with the worldwide renowned companies from this market segment, long-standing exclusive general agent contracts, as well as numerous successfully implemented projects affirm that our group has been recognised as a serious and reliable business partner in the demanding global market. This was again undoubtedly proved by numerous international prestigious awards, which we received beating the tough competition of international corporations.

  • 2003. - Zlatna kuna Croatian Economic chamber
  • 2003. - Yamahina Award for best Europian guitar dealer
  • 2003. - WQC Star Award - Pariz
  • 2003. - CROMA Award for the best manager in Croatia (Mr. Senčar)
  • 2004. - Zlatna plaketa Općine Nedelišće - Golden Award for best company in local community
  • 2004. - WQC Star Award – New York
  • 2005. - 31. International Arch of Europe Award for Quality and Technology - Frankfurt
  • 2005. - New Millennium Award - Madrid
  • 2005. - Century International Quality Era Award - Geneva
  • 2006. - New Millenium Award - Pariz
  • 2006. - Gator Outstanding Acievment Award – Los Angeles
  • 2007. - Quality Crown - London
  • 2007. - Yamaha Award for outstending performance for Yamaha Commercial Audio
  • 2008. - Internacional Star Award for Lidership in Quality - Pariz
  • 2009. - Beyerdynamic Europian Award - best Europian dealer in 2008. Year
  • 2009. - International Star Award for Quality - Geneva
  • 2009. - Index DOP-a HGK - Croatian Economic chamber award - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR (Croatian = DOP))
  • 2010. Golden Index - Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development with the support of the UNDP office in Croatia and AED
  • 2010. - Hero of the recession - Movement for a fair distribution of burden on crisis
  • 2011. - Golden Index - Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Developmen and AED
  • 2012. - Golden Index - Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development with the support of the UNDP office in Croatia and AED in categories: Investment in student organizations and student projects, student scholarships and Grand Prix Gold index in the category of small and medium enterprises
  • 2012. - The Bizz Award - Worldcob organisation award for: Leadership, Quality of goods and services, Creativity of management, invent of management, CSR and achieved business results
  • 2014. - Award Corporate Social Responsibility for 2013. year - Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR BCSD)

Euro-Unit wins many other awards for contribution in culture, sport and ecology. Euro-Unit is today a middle sized company with about 35 employees, 12 stores, fleet, storages and a high-quality service. The placement of Euro-Unit centers over that part of Europe makes them easily accessible:

Participation at local and international specialized trade fairs enables us to provide good distribution of information on new products from our rich selection to all business partners and retail buyers, while at the same time this is a great opportunity for us to gather feedback which we then use to improve our offer and services so that they meet the wishes and needs of our buyers as much as possible.

Our modern web site at or is a place where one can find new information added on a daily basis with an ongoing two-way communication between our buyers and us. Our own delivery services, together with the warehouse and our excellent supply of stock present advantages that enable our customers to test the products of their interest on the spot and gain insight into the qualities and features of the prospective buy through personal experience which is, after all, the crucial factor in choosing the right musical instruments and equipment.

The provision of our own repair services which are in compliance with all the relevant international certificates and standards, as well as a guaranteed offer of original spare parts complete the range of our services. Our warranties are in accordance with all the relevant legislations of the countries in which we operate. We pride ourselves with the fact that we are already prepared to operate in compliance with the most severe European norms, which we have been implementing in our business on our own initiative. Designing, installation and maintenance of conference halls as a ''keys in hand'' service completes our offer making it highly recognisable. And of course, we mustn't forget to mention the service of renting musical equipment. The key product from our selection is a digital Yamaha stage audio system of 2X5000W with Beyerdynamic microphones and the rest of the required equipment.

The list of our references includes business partners and completed projects ranging form radio and TV stations, for which we carried out numerous projects of digitalisation in the segment of professional digital and analogue audio sound management, to numerous sound control rooms, music studios, schools, concert and conference halls, churches, hotels, radio and television productions, theatres, equipping wind orchestras and other types of orchestras, cultural associations and many others. Successful completion of numerous local and international tenders is the best proof of our company's competence and reliability. The continuous growth of the export segment of our business is the best indication of our tendency to expand our services and offers to the surrounding markets as well as to the demanding European market.

With a desire to support projects of social value and benefit, over the years, Euro-Unit group has been sponsoring numerous first-rate cultural, sports, humanitarian and other events. Our cabinets are full of letters of thanks, charters, acknowledgements and similar documents.

We are particularly proud of the many international and Croatian acknowledgements of the highest rank kept on our shelves. These acknowledgements confirm that our business policy is going in the right direction, and prove that if you set your business priorities right, you can achieve success, regardless of the business environment in which you operate.


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